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    cannot get rtc_sample code to work on the 20737S


      I am trying to put the 20737S chip on my board into a deep sleep, but the chip does not wake up on either a GPIO interrupt or by timer. Once the chip goes into a deep sleep, the chip stays asleep.  My board does not have an external clock.  I was able to put 20737 chip into a deep sleep and have it wake up either by timer or GPIO interrupt.


      I tried to using the rtc_sample code from the Broadcom community site.  The sample code works on the BCM92073X_LE_KIT, which uses the 20737 chip.  The code however does not work on the BCM9WICED_SENSE, which uses the 20737S.  The Wiced Sense board stays asleep, just like my board, after going into a deep sleep.


      Is there something I have to add or change in the rtc_sample code to make the 20737S chip wake up after a deep sleep?


      I am using SDK 2.2.0.

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