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    Downloading problems with BCM20736S

      Hey guys,


      I want to program my custom board with a BCM20736S-Controller on it. But everytime I want to download the program I get either the error:

      Download failed - Press the reset button on the device and retry

      when I add to the make target of the hello_sensor program: BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=20736S100331 PLATFORM_NV=SFLASH UART=15

      or the error:

      Download failed. This version of the SDK only supports download to BCM20736A1 and BCM20737A1 devices

      when I make no changes in the make target.


      I searched in the forum and found some tricks to fix this problem like adding



      to the makefile, but these changes had no effect. What else can I do to fix the problem? Or have I missed something?

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