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    Easy ADC to LCD

       After the 400th time I wrote the same project to test something simple with the ADC and put the result on the LCD, I decided to make a component to simplify things.  This component does everything you would need to do to sample the ADC and display the result on the LCD, a standard practice when learning and debugging.


      I added some common features:
      1.) automatic sampling, just all Easy_ADCToLCD_Start() and you are done.  (blocking forever, great when you just want to do something really simple) 
      2.) built in averaging (filtering) of the samples to smooth out any noise.  the size of the average is adjustable
      3.) a "transfer function" that allows you to convert the voltage into another unit, say current or ohms.  you can specify any C equation to convert the voltage from the ADC into anything else, includes units.
      4.) uses 32 or 16 bit get result API so it can be used with the DelSig or the SAR
      5.) Just put in the name of the ADC and the LCD and the component takes care of the rest for you.


      its a simple component, but I really like how it simplifies my life.  The concept could be extened to anything really, like sending the data out to a UART ...

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