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    CyFiSNP Data Analyzer

      Hello fellows     



      I am interested in Network design, Especially CyFi Network and CyFi PSoCs     



      I have some RF First Touch Kit and CyFi modules and developping these now.     



      I want to know more about this     



      Necessary to know more technical data in actually.     






      So on, I was make a useful apprication about networking data analysis.     



      This is able to observe RF signals and data packets.     












      Installing is simple     



      Unzip the file     



      Double click RegisterControls.bat     



      (needs to register special user-controls, Meter, Trend graph ...)     



      Double CySNP.exe     






      Uninstall is     



      Double click UnRegControls.bat     



      Erase the Zip file     



      design is just begining.     






      This design is just begining.     



      Needs more helpful features     





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                  If picture is not show, look this   
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            You may build your own weather-station. What you need is an anemometer. Looks as if you can build one out of two ping-pong balls. There is a BMP085 absolut pressure sensor (look at pololu). For wind direction some self-made weather vane will complete your rf-project. Cool!





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                      Hi Bob, Cypress CY3271-EXP1 Environment Sensing Kit is nice   
              Which has NPP-301 pressure sensor and Vihay Humidity sensor.   
              Easy to build Weather station.   
              I want to make PH sensor for Aqua tanks   
              I will planning 2 different projects   
              One is to totally monitoring RF signals, Multi Hub and many Nodes.   
              Which this application is aimed. Other one is Logging Hub which is not depend PC host is alive or sleep.   
              To use SD file and USB   
              Have you own PC server that not stopping?   
              Even sometime, To sleep host device is good for the environment   
              And my wallet.   
              Thank you.   
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                  I thought I'd give you with the BMP085 something to gnaw at. not just the easiest device to handle but a solution is to be found here in the forum.


                  What does "VISHAY" mean?





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                            Vishay is company of US, that product Parts, Semiconductor, Sensors   
                    Environmental Sensing Kit is using GE NPP-301 for pressure sensing.   
                    This kit is interesting   
                    That compose by multi loadable configurations   
                    In one measurement (1sec) use 2 configurations that switched   
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                      Have you though about using the MPL115 or MPL3115 or similar pressure sensor? they are interfaced via I2C or SPI, and are way easier to use.

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                                Hi zeta   
                        Someone said the MPL115 is not easy that has narrow range   
                        and temperature compensation is needs complex calculation   
                        to get accurate measurement in actually.   
                        GE NPP-301 Nova Sensor series is MEMS sensor   
                        It's just sensing element have no interface   
                        Read voltage directory from PSoC.   
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                          Hi zeta Someone said the MPL115 is not easy that has narrow range and temperature compensation is needs complex calculation to get accurate measurement in actually. GE NPP-301 Nova Sensor series is MEMS sensor It's just sensing element have no interface Read voltage directory from PSoC.








                          I think you got things backwards XD


                          The NPP-301 is just a piezoresistive sensor so you will have to design the full signal conditioning and apply techniques for temperature compensation either using external hardware or reading temperature and adjusting the value. You can't expect to just read the value directly with a psoc and think you got an accurate reading




                          What is worst is that the NPP-301 is a non-calibrated sensor. The sensitivity of the sensor can vary up to 30% from device to device, You will need some kind of accurate pressure source to calibrate every single device and save the value somewhere in flash




                          The MPL115 is a mems sensor and integrates, apart from the piezoresistive sensor, signal conditioning, ADC and communications. It has calibration data and temperature compensation. All you need to do is read the callibration data then pool it or wait for an interupt to read the value and adjust the value with the calibration data read before.


                          Accuracy is ok and range might be narrower. But to get a decent range and moderate accuracy from the NPP-301 you will need to do a lot of work not only in design and component selection but on manufacturing. Most probably using external components incressing board space and component count.




                          Please let me know how it goes as I've tried before with an uncalibrated sensor and caved to the digital ones in the end.

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                                    Thanks zeta   
                            NPP-301 is just a sensor element that have no calibration function.   
                            I understand to read till one hPa is very difficult without calibration and compensation.   
                            So, I consider to that Sensor-PSoC do only reading the voltage,   
                            Send to the host and calculate on the PC.   
                            Because, the Sensor-PSoC is ready-made-boad so can't modify it.   
                            Thank you.