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    Where to post (if allowed)?

      Greetings -


      after months of work we are about ready to release some new PSoCentric products. Along with some components to go with thim.


      Initial release are a 2.8in touch screen that can be plugged directly into a PSoC5LP Development kit in place of the LCD.


      Also SAK-PROTO, a stand-alone development board with 2.8in touch, RTC, RS485, uSD, microUSB ... It includes a bootloader that will accept USB or uSD hex loads.


      The components to drive these will be released with the products.


      So, can I post more details? Is this a good section of the forum?


      Also coming is a cheap SWD programmer, and ENC424J600 10/100 Ethernet devices.


      If even this message offends, sysop please delete.



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          Hmm, an ENC424J600 sounds interesting - Ethernet is still kind of a problem. Will the libraries supporting these board be open source?

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             all components will be open sourced. We impose few, if any, restrictions. However some are derivative works from published projects like lwIP, FreeRTOS, etc. And their license restrictions will flow through.




            For example: we have a FreeRTOS 8.01 component that you just drop onto your design, config like a normal component and it does all the rest.




            The ENC424 component is an edit of the Microchip low level driver to make it PSoCentric as a component. We may have to distrbute it funny to keep them from coming down on us for distributing their software.  But the base code is licensed for use on any processor when used with the ENC424 chip.





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              Thats really good news! Thanks a lot (and I think nobody would object if you post such announcements here)

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                The forum unfortunately does not have a group for product


                announcements, which is unfortunate. So its a bit of a crapshoot.




                Regards, Dana.

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                   Good to hear that 

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                    OK. I'll let this sit over the long weekend and if no real "you can't do that here" posts come in I will start posting info and components next week.




                    The info will be a short announcement post for each product as it is released including photo(s) and ordering information.




                    At the same time the components needed to work with that device (or used for other uses) will be posted in a separate post along with an example project.




                    Each component will be included in a j1Pub component library that will grow. If ok, later I will make a separate post for j1Pub code repository so I can release updates as it grows.




                    I assure you that with workload new posts will not be coming TOO close together, but replies to questions/comments would be done more frequently. It is not my intention to blitz the forum with commercial posts.





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                      If you want to be super-nice, just create a post on your own blog (or on your web page), and link to it from here...