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    Trouble getting started with PSOC Creator

              Hello everyone,   
      I am all new to PSOC, so I excuse myself in advance if I ask simple questions!   
      I just bought the development kit for the PSOC3 and PSOC5. Got everything out of the box, installed the softwares needed, and opened PSOC Creator to get started. However, I systematicly get this error message after trying to build the example projects :   
      Clean Temporary Files ...   
      c51.exe C:\Documents and Settings\Jonathan\Bureau\PSOC_Projects\Design01_Ex2\Ex2_ADC_to_LCD\Ex2_ADC_to_LCD.cydsn\Generated_Source\PSoC3\ADC.c NOIV LARGE MODDP2 OMF2 VB(1) DB NOIP OT(0) INCDIR(Generated_Source/PSoC3) OJ(C:/Documents and Settings/Jonathan/Bureau/PSOC_Projects/Design01_Ex2/Ex2_ADC_to_LCD/Ex2_ADC_to_LCD.cydsn/DP8051-Keil_Generic/Debug/ADC.OBJ)   
      The command 'mkdepend' failed with exit code '3221225785'.   
      --------------- Build Failed ---------------   
      Does anyone knows where does it come from?   
      Thank you for your help,   
      Jonathan L.