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    BCM20737S recovery problems



      We have made our custom board with BCM20737S. I've difficult to download firmware (via WICED IDE) and recover firmware.

      Download never works (i already created a specific discussion for that) and recovery time to time.


      As soon i downloaded firmware in recovery mode, parts always boots correctly.


      download log is mentionning :


      Downloaded 0 code bytes ( 0.0%) and 0 data bytes ( 0.0%). Verified 0 code bytes ( 0.0%) and 0 data bytes ( 0.0%).   Current state: Terminated with error

      Failed to execute HCI Reset


      sequence to enter in recovery :

           - unplugging everything

           - reset + boot (short to SDA) push

           - powering up chip (USB powered) and connecting uart to PC

           - reset release (boot still pushed)

           - release boot


      it works time to time.


      WICED IDE make target : WICED_SENSE-BCM920737TAG_Q32 recover UART=COM2

      Uart is the right port.


      do you know what is this message : Failed to execute HCI Reset ?

      do you know if this download impossibility / recovery difficulty can be caused by windows drivers ? (i'm using CYPRESS usb to uart bridge)

      thanks a lot


      Best regards