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    factory_reset_dct not working




      are you planning to fix make files for factory_reset_dct? Is this functionality depracated? How should we generate a factory DCT?


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          For factory reset please take a look at the snip app .../apps/snip/ota_fr.


          * Perform factory reset on the WICED evaluation board

          *   To perform factory reset on the WICED evaluation board, work through the following steps:

          *   - Push and hold the SW1 button THEN momentarily press and release the Reset button.

          *     The D1 LED flashes quickly to indicate factory reset will occur *IF* SW1 is held

          *     for a further 5 seconds. Continue to hold SW1.

          *   - After the copy process is complete, the WICED evaluation board reboots and runs the factory

          *     reset (OTA_FR) application. Observe the log messages at the terminal to confirm the factory reset

          *     is completed successfully.



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            we are trying to generate factory reset dct image. Something that once worked with dct_factory_reset  make parameter.



                Generates a factory reset DCT


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              A factory reset DCT can be created by setting the make variable DCT_IMAGE. This will set the DCT image that will be loaded in to the external flash and reloaded in factory reset. For more details have a look at





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                The procedure documented in "3.2 Generating DCT Images" is no longer working in SDK 3.2 and a "make factory_reset_dct" fails with "no rule" error.


                How do you suggest we generate these files? I can see there is a "make" DCT_IMAGE variable supported in the application makefile but how would that work if we need thousands of different DCTs? Is the factory_reset_dct.c template still to be used?



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                  Have a look at apps/snip/ota_fr/ota_fr.mk, the DCT is set in the same way as factory reset application. By setting the DCT_IMAGE parameter.


                  When building your factory reset application, the DCT should be created as well and you can point to it.


                  Hope this answers your question.




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                    I am sorry if I didn't explain myself correctly. I can create one DCT

                    fine by adding the DCT_IMAGE parameter in the makefile. However, this is

                    not the way to make one thousand different DCTs to use in production. In

                    SDK 2.x there was a factory_reset_dct.c file with dynamic keywords and then

                    replaced with values from text files to generate appropriate binaries. This

                    is documented in chapter 3 of the "Factory Programming" document. Can

                    someone from Broadcom please explain how to do the same with SDK 3.x?



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                      The reason factory_reset_dct target fails is probably because wiced_factory_reset.mk file is missing from the SDK. It's included from the Makefile, but is nowhere to be found in the 3.x source tree, even though it's clearly present in 2.4.0.

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                        We have never made it work. Finally, we had to abort the migration to the 3.x.x. Eventough, will be useful to know how to generate DCTs to use in production.

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                          @alexb, @mat3y


                          Thank you for your useful comments. I also tried to make it work based on your comment but so far no luck.

                          Perhaps someone from Broadcom should provide a solution.

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                            I faced the same problem.


                            I've updated 2.4's wiced_factory_reset.mk to use in 3.1.2

                            Some modifications to the main Makefile required as well.


                            Please see files attached.

                            Looks like it works now.