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    Prototype boards are failing with issue similar to one previously reported


      kilian.timmler@exelonix.com wrote that 12 of the 20 BCM20737S based boards we received, 2 exhibited a failure that appears to be similar to Advertisement seems to be flakey


      With a simple piece of example code the fault typically appears after 10s to 60s of sending Advertisements.

      There are a number of issues we have with the problem:

      - There are cases where we are unable to detect it when running the test, but the device does fail if we test it more often, so this seems to be a soft issue to some degree which makes testing difficult.

      - There are too many unusable devices in our admittedly small sample.

      - Going to deep sleep resolves the problem, but we need to send advertisements for a long time >30s which makes this an unusable strategy. Not to mention the fact that the chip is unreliable.

      So we need at least a better testing method, and at best some mitigation strategy.

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