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    Static random device address


      I have some questions about using static random device address.

      By below blog, I need to buy OUI from IEEE if I use public device address.

      To save US$2,575, I want to use static random address.

      BD_ADDR - how do you get one?



      When I use random address, address type in advertising packet should indicate random(1).

      Is it correct?



      Can Address type be changed to random ONLY by blecm_startAdv(1)/blecm_setAdvParam(1)?

      Any other way available?



      Calling blecm_startAdv(1) changes address type of the packets.

      But BD_ADDR of captured packets are all 0x000000000000 after this change.

      Any advice please?



      Using blecm_set_static_random_bd_addr() makes BD_ADDR random and it works with blecm_startAdv(1).

      But I'd like to specify lower bits of BD_ADDR to manage devices.

      (I may seal sequential serial number label using these lower bits of BD_ADDR.)

      How can I specify lower bits of BD_ADDR as random address?