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    SAR ADC Oscillations

       Hello, I am trying to use an SAR ADC for an application that requires low power and battery power.  I have the SAR input setup from an analog pin(high z).  Going into the pin, I have a DC power supply that is supplying 2.5VDC.  I have the ADC output reading into a uint16, and then going directly to the LCD.  




      -100kSPS(tried 60k and 900k with bypass cap)


      -vref internal(tried bypass and external vref)


      -played around with IMO frequency a bit, but left it at 3MHz and PLL at 24MHz


      -software trigger(use startconv and stopconv then read)




      I took several readings, delaying 4 seconds between each reading.  The max and min decimal values are below.  2154 is 2.5V at my vdd of 4.75VDC.  


















      Why are the outputs oscillating 4 bits?  I am really only getting 8 bits of resolution with this setup because of the oscillation..