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    PSoC 5LP, project with outsourced functions





      I am writing a program for PSoC 5LP (Prototyping Kit) working with the RGB-sensor VEML6040 by Vishay.


      I try to outsource most of the functions and only have the core-code remaining in the file main.c. So i created two files: veml6040.h and veml6040.c and added them to the project (in header and source files).




      Extract from veml6040.h




      #include "veml6040.c"
      #include "main.c"
      #include <project.h>


      // definitions


      // function headers




      extract from veml6040.c


      #include "veml6040.h"


      uint16_t ReadSensor(uint8_t CommandCode)
          // awesome code


      // other functions ...




      When i do so and i change the files following message appears (translated from german by me):


      The file cannot be saved: (The process cannot access file "C:\Users\username\Documents\PSoC Creator\PSoC5LP-VEML6040\PSoC5LP-VEML6040.cydsn\main.c", because another process is accessing it.)




      None of the files can be saved (not even main.c). Also the Build ends with the PSoC Creator crashing.


      When i remove the files from the project, everything works fine again.




      Can someone help me with this problem?






      Best regards,