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    [CY7C65215-32LTXI] Automatically Set Device Serial Number



      with the USB-Serial Configuration Utility is possible to set some string descriptors(1):


      .Serial Number


      The cyusbserial API, however, doesn't contain any function to set these strings.


      Manually set the device serial number is adequate only during the prototyping phase.
      Once in production, we will need to automatically generate and set a serial number for each device.


      Could you please tell me how to do it?


      Best regards,
      Stefano Zanchi


      (1) see attached file

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          Hi Zanchi,


          You can use the attached utility for programming the serial number to single/multiple devices. Password: cypress
          Note: The last character of the serial number should be a digit.


          Procedure to follow to load the configuration file with serial number:


          1. Extract the zip file.


          2. In the extracted folder put the configuration file that you want to program the device with.


          3. Open the Command prompt and change the directory to the extracted folder.


          4. Run the below command to download the configuration file onto single CY7C65213 device:


          fwdownload.exe -c XXXX.cyusb -vid 0x04B4 -pid 0x0003 -mode vendor -sn XXXX -timeout 25000




          A) In the above command, the pid is 0x0003 but you need to change that to the PID which the connected serial chip has while programming


          B) the name of the configuration file in the above command should be changed from XXXX to the configuration file that you need to load


          For multiple devices: the command will be:


          fwdownload.exe -c XXXX.cyusb -vid 0x04B4 -pid 0003 -mode vendor -sn XXXX -timeout 25000 -b


          When multiple devices with same vid, pid are present then the serial number will be incremented with every device.







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            Hi Hemanth,


            thank you for your detailed answer and the tool that you provided.


            I hope other customers will find it useful.


            Best regards,
            Stefano Zanchi