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    What is CiFy?

              Just wonder what is CiFy? I am trying to use CY3209- Express EVK for RF communicaion with two quadrants of this device(one transmitter and one reciever), it got 2 Artaflex AWP24S 2.4 GHz Radios, is it the CiFy?   
      And also ask for help how I can start with CY3209 RF communication? I am new to Psoc   
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                  Thanks for your question. The CY3209-ExpressEVK was released prior to the CyFi solution so it did not include CyFi at that time. The example projects included with the CY3209-ExpressEVK is probably the easiest way to start examining RF communications with that kit. If you want to experience an even easier way to develop RF comm. solutions, please check out the CY3271 PSoC FirstTouch starter Kit with CyFi Low-Power RF. You can do firmware development and get up and running with a RF comms and PSoC very quickly.   
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                    Thanks for reply, CY 3209 is the only choice for my project.   
            Anyone done two quadrant RF of transmitter and reciever before can give me some instruction and help?   
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              You can use the example projects that comes along with the kit(3209). The code will be helpful for your application.