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    Can't use CyAPI with Borland C++ Builder for a CY7C64713

      I'm a beginner and I want to make a software with Borlan C++ Builder that communicate with a CY7C64713. I have to convert an old soft for an AN3151.   
      First I wanted to used the same easy way: use a "createfile" (before we could use createfile("////.//ezusb-0",...) ). But the as the new driver don't create a link as "ezusb-0" I want to use the CyAPI library.   
      As written in the CyAPI.pdf I include CyAPI.h and link CyAPI.lib to my project but the UCHAR type is not declared anywhere. I had the same kind of problems when I wanted to use the cyioctl.h (the headers are not complete and some includes aren't found anywhere).   
      So I have some questions:   
      -Why the virtual link "ezusb-0" isn't created anymore? Can I make it myself (can I rebuild the driver?)   
      -Did I make any mistake with CyAPI?   
      -Where can I find the include usb200.h and pshpack1.h for the cyioctl.h?   
      Thank you.