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    CY7C64713 programmer circuit

      I have some CY7C64713 (100 terminales) chips and I was looking at the CY3684 USB 2.0 DEVELOPMENT BOARD schematics. But as this chip does not allow external EEPROM programming I was wondering how I can reduce the circuit to make a simple programmer and start testing it.   
      The circuitry needed to use the USB port would be enough for now, so I can use it to download the code to the 8051 core.   
      Thank you for your help.   
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                  i didn't understand what you meant by this chip does not allow external eeprom programming... i mean the device does allow programming of the EEPROM through the chips i2c interface and the required commands can be sent over the usb interface....   
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                    Thank you very much for you answer.   
            You are right, I misunderstood "Software: 8051 Code Runs from: External memory device (128 pin package)" in its datasheet.   
            I also have a CYC68013 chip (100 pins), so I could use actual Cypress tools to develop software needed.   
            I would like to know how to move data from the USB port to programm an EEPROM. In order to download the code through the USB cable I need to know what type of transfer it handles when I plug it in (does CyConsole allows me to do that?). And of course what changes I need to do on the schematics attached on my previous post to make a programmer.   
            In case there is other document than the datasheet and techinical guide for those chips which could be helpfull, please let me now.   
            Greetings from Peru.   
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                      cyconsole has a LgEEPROM and SEEPROM button which are used to program the EEPROM with the iic file (EEPROM image)...   
              i believe you have attached the schematic of the development kit... it is fine as is.... i mean it is designed such a way that it doesnt restrict the basic functionality of fx2lp...