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    How to hide Network Name (SSID) when running WICED as SoftAP?


      There are several code snippets within the SDK to demo the soft-access point feature (e.g. aptsa, udp_receive, udp_transmit).  One crude form of WiFi network security (security through obscurity) is called "network cloaking".  When cloaked, the 32-byte SSID information is not broadcast by the SoftAP in its beacon frames.



      Question:  What code changes do I make to hide the Service Set IDentification (SSID) information and thus become cloaked?


      Solution:   Modify the IOVAR called "closednet" as follows:



      data = (uint32_t*) wiced_get_iovar_buffer( &buffer, (uint16_t) 4, "closednet" );


      data[0] = (uint32_t) 1;


      retval = wiced_send_iovar( SDPCM_SET, buffer, 0, SDPCM_AP_INTERFACE );



      You can execute this after the soft AP is brought up or you can modify wiced_wifi_start_ap() to do it before the AP is brought up.


      You cannot execute this before the start of wiced_wifi_start_ap() as the AP interface has not yet been created.



      Note: Network cloaking by hiding the SSID is a fairly weak form of security because the SSID still gets sent in plain-text form by the station (STA) during an association request.  It is trivial to reveal it with a packet sniffer operating in promiscuous mode.