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    LED segment

      i have two problems,


      1. I am tring to dispaly numericals in seven segment led display for two digits. i have chosen digit drive pins 0&1 of port 1. But only one digit is glowing. Is there anything to set additionally than drive polarity.


      2. i couldn't view the datasheet of the module by clicking on the particular module. (only i could see the pdf version)


      pl help me.



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          Check for hardware problems.  Check P1[0] and P1[1] if the digit select signal on these lines are proper.  If the digit select signals are fine on both the port pins, then there may  be some problem with the display driver.  Also, are you using and external driver transistor for driving the common of the display?




          Not sure about the datasheet issue.  Maybe this is a bug with the tool.  I will have someone look into this.




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