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    UART/RS485 communication

      Hi all,


      I am experiencing some troubles making RS485 communication through UART. I am using First Touch Kit and Ti ISO3086 driver. I am connecting the RE and DE short, and they are connected to Tx_E out of the UART. D of the driver is connected to the TX and R is connected to RX of the UART. The program code that I am using is quite simple.


      test = UART_485_ReadRxData ();
              if (test !=0 )
                  UART_485_WriteTxData (test);


      I am missing something (probably in the configuration of the UART or in the firmware code). I have managed to make it send data (as a second device I am using RS485 to RS232 converter and Hyper Terminal), but can’t make it receive some data. The driver was configured as a Half Duplex. If I want to make it work as Full Duplex, how should I connect the output of the UART and the input of the driver? What should be the configuration of the UART in this case?


      I will appreciate any help!


      Thanks in advance!