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    extended Datasheet for Delta-Sigma ADC?

      Dear all,


      I am working with PSoC5 Family 55 (right now with KIT 050). For propagation of error calculation I need some values of the Delta-Sigma ADC.


      Unfortunalty in the Datasheet the values are not given, or only given for 16 Bit (for instance.)


      I am using the ADC with the following configuration: single ended, 17 Bit 11830 sps, internal reference 1.024V * 2 (internal bypassed), Buffergain 1, Levelshift.


      For this configuration I need to know SINAD, RMS Noise and RMS Amplitude to calculate noiseless resolution and effective resolution.


      Somebody can help me with that? Is there an extended datasheet of the Delta-Sigma ADC? 


      Thanks a lot in advance,