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    Simply boot from the firmware on EEPROM

              Maybe this is a very primitive question but I need help.I want to boot up DVK board from EEPROM(24FC256) via I2c. What I did was below: 1.Edit vid/pid of slavefifosync sample 2.Add '-i2cconf 0a' option to elf2img.exe 3.Built project,burned .img file to EEPROM(offset 0) via ROM writer 4.Set switches to: J97=2-3 connected SW25=off/off/off/off (I guess pmode will be F1F) SW40=on/on/on/off (I guess the ROM address will be 0) Anyway,it didn't work.When I loaded the firmware on the RAM via USB control center it worked correctly.What was wrong?Or is there anything I have to do more? I wish someone will reply to me...