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    device programming with Mini Eval 1 and ICE cube.

       hi developers,


                          I am trying to program a DIP PSoC device using a CY3210 MiniEval1 board (an obsolete one). The ISSP signals are derived from ICE cube. can any one tell me whether the way i am trying to program is correct. The configuration in which i have connected is as follows    PC-----------> ICE cube ---------------->CY3210 MiniEval 1 board .


       Only the ICE cube is powered from an external source. i am just trying to connect the PSoC designer software to the ICE cube but it says "could not detect the Pod". Please let me know whether the software i am using is correct or not. Actually i have installed a PSoC programmer software but i couldn't use it in a stand alone fashion and i suppose it works as an add on for PSoC designer.