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    USB Data Transfer is Unreliable/Flaky using FX2LP Bulk Mode based on AN61345.

      USB Data Transfer Problem using FX2LP & AN61345.

      The problem is that the USB data transfer between the Cypress chip and the PC is flaky and has really never worked 100%.

      Here is my setup:

      FX2LP™-FPGA Interface
      Associated Part Family: CY7C68013A

      cyusb .net api

      The USB-side of the chip is set up as EP6 Bulk In.  The device-side of the chip is set up as a Sync Slave Input FIFO with auto-commit, and FLAGA = EP6FF, externally supplied interface clock. The slave FIFO is being driven by an FPGA.


      Here is the .NET test code

                  MyDevice.BulkInEndPt.TimeOut = 10000;
                  MyDevice.BulkInEndPt.XferSize = 0x10000;

                  byte[] buf = new byte[MyDevice.BulkInEndPt.XferSize / 4];

                  while (true)
                      int nSize = buf.Length;
                      bool bTimeout = !MyDevice.BulkInEndPt.XferData(ref buf, ref nSize, false);

                      nTotalBytes += nSize;

                      if (bTimeout)
                          Console.WriteLine("Timeout Error");


      I have tried to send varying amounts of data from the FPGA, from 512B to 10MB. In this code, it never makes it through more than one successful iteration of XferData. XferData either:

      1. Just times out on the first iteration.
      2. Completes a couple "Zero-length" transfers and then times out.
      3. Pulls in a first chunk of data, and then on the next iteration times out.

      It seems to work best when the USB HighSpeedConfigDescriptor MaxPacketSize is 64 (instead of 512). But still it does one of the 3 things above.

      I can see the signals on the FPGA. It always looks like the FPGA is sending out the same or more data than the PC receives. And so it looks like the problem occurs between the

      .NET app and the Cypress chip.

      I have tried to vary different parameters incluing:

      * Cypress Firmware: USB HighSpeedConfigDescriptor - Max Packet Size: 64, 256, 512.
      * Cypress Firmware: Auto Commit Size: 64, 512
      * .NET Program: MyDevice.BulkInEndPt.XferSize: 512 - 65536
      * .NET Program: MyDevice.BulkInEndPt.XferData buffer size

      Here are the important parts of the firmware:


      void TD_Init( void )
      { // Called once at startup

        CPUCS = 0x12; // CLKSPD[1:0]=10, for 48MHz operation, output CLKOUT

          PINFLAGSAB = 0x8E; // FLAGA = EP6FF
          PINFLAGSCD = 0x00;
        PORTACFG = 0x00;       

        IFCONFIG =0x43; // external clk, 48 mhz (n/a), disable clk output, normal polarity, sync fifo, no debug, slave fifo


        // Only EP6 is used
        EP2CFG = 0x02;                //clear valid bit
        EP4CFG = 0x02;                //clear valid bit
        EP6CFG = 0xE0;                // in 512 bytes, 4x, bulk
        EP8CFG = 0x02;                //clear valid bit

        FIFORESET = 0x80;             // activate NAK-ALL to avoid race conditions
        SYNCDELAY;                    // see TRM section 15.14
        FIFORESET = 0x02;             // reset, FIFO 2
        SYNCDELAY;                    //
        FIFORESET = 0x04;             // reset, FIFO 4
        SYNCDELAY;                    //
        FIFORESET = 0x06;             // reset, FIFO 6
        SYNCDELAY;                    //
        FIFORESET = 0x08;             // reset, FIFO 8
        SYNCDELAY;                    //
        FIFORESET = 0x00;             // deactivate NAK-ALL

        // handle the case where we were already in AUTO mode...
        // ...for example: back to back firmware downloads...
        EP6FIFOCFG = 0x00;           
        EP6FIFOCFG = 0x0D;            // AUTOIN=1, ZEROLENIN=1, WORDWIDE=1

          FIFOPINPOLAR = 0x00; // set all slave FIFO interface pins as active low

      BOOL DR_SetConfiguration( void )  
      { // Called when a Set Configuration command is received
        if( EZUSB_HIGHSPEED( ) )
        { // ...FX2 in high speed mode
           EP6AUTOINLENH = 0x00;   // set core AUTO commit len = 64 bytes     
          EP6AUTOINLENL = 0x40;

           EP6AUTOINLENH = 0x20;   // set core AUTO commit len = 512 bytes     
          EP6AUTOINLENL = 0x00;
        // ...FX2 in full speed mode

          EP6AUTOINLENH = 0x00;        // set core AUTO commit len = 64 bytes
          EP6AUTOINLENL = 0x40;

        Configuration = SETUPDAT[ 2 ];
        return( TRUE );        // Handled by user code