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    Finding an appropriate crystal for CY7C68013A (FX2LP)





      I am using the CY7C68013A chip on our PCB, and was looking for an appropriate crystal to meet the required specifications as described in you application notes (point 4 on AN15456).


      I am unable to find either crystal recommended in your app note or other crystals that meet the required specs of:


      ■ Parallel resonant
      ■ Fundamental mode
      ■ Frequency Stability: ±100 ppm
      ■ 500-uW drive level
      ■ 12pF (5% tolerance) load capacitors




      Furthermore, the crystals used on the devboard CY3684 dev kit and the UPEK FISK USB reference design that incorporates the NX2LP chip (CY7C68033-56LFXC) do not meet the above specifications.




      Could you please inform me whether it is necessary to use at least 500-uW drive level crystal, and whether I can use crystals with other load capacitances in my design.




      Many Thanks,