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        It is an old design and I could get it to work by modifying the XML used by the NandCfg (otherparts.xml).  I found that NandCfg will generate a bad Page_Size entry.  By correcting the value I managed to get 68033 to work with Samsung's K9WBG.  However, Samsung seemed to EOL this part and I am now searching for replacements..


        Hope that it will help others with CY7C68033.


        ps Nowadays I seems could not find the compability list for Cy7C68033; the links from the application notes either points to inexisting doc, or to some strange sites.  Not to say that cypress.com seems to be using an expired SSL certificate.  It is certainly not a good help to engineers trying to use cypress chips.

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          We are sorry for the inconvenience being caused. Since most of the Nand flashes included in the previous Nand compatibility list are obsolete, we  are currently under the process of updating the compatibility list. Please create a tech support case for the current compatibility list for NX2LP. We regret the inconvenience caused due to this. 


          Also thank you for bringing this to our notice that the link for compatibility list web page has been broken.







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            Did you get to the bottom of this?


            I am using CY7C68033 and the Same chip, MT29F8G08BAA.


            I can program it and it appears in the computer management in Windows 7 as unallocated drive. But does not format in windows.


            Any solution? please help.



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              1G byte flash should be formatted automatically by the NANDMfg.  If it does not format in windows, maybe it is the nandmfg software locking the drive - did you try to insert it to other computer and format there?

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