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    blecm_setTxPowerInConnection() and bleprofile_CFGRegister()


        I have a couple of question regarding adjust various items in the BLE_PROFILE_CFG structure.  In particular initially the case is to adjust the Tx Power during the connection.  I have seen other posts in which it is indicated that the blecm_setTxPower().  I have implemented a routine that every 5 seconds it changes the output Tx power as using the blecm_setTxPower() starting from -25dBm to +4 dBm and I see no changes in RSSI strength using several different BLE iOS apps that can read RSSI.  To help prove nothing was being changed I also measured the power consumption of the device during the connection as the Tx Power was being adjusted from -25 to +4Bm and I saw zero change in the Peak current in the Tx pulses.  Some questions regarding this are blow...


      1) Does the blecm_setTxPower() function actually modify the BLE_PROFILE_CFG .tx_power_level?  I am not imagining so as this struct is typically defined as a CONST.  What setting/register specifically is the blecm_setPower() modifying?

      2)  Is there another way to modify the Tx Power and/or the BLE_PROFILE_CFG struct elements?  For example I have changed the CONST definition of the BLE_PROFILE_CFG in the app and verified that I can change the individual elements but I am not sure if this is a safe method to do this.  I.E. - Are there specific reasons why the BLE_PROFILE_CFG needs to be defined as a CONST?

      3)  I have seen the bleprofile_CFGRegister() function in bleprofile.h and from the general description it almost seems like this function would allow a user to modify the BLE_PROFILE_CFG structure.  Is that correct?  Could you provide a simple example of how to use this function?