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    PSoC 1 is IEC60730 Class B certified (Home Appliances Safety Standard)


      PSoC 1 Updates
      By Sachin Gupta (



      To ensure the safe operation of the appliances, home appliance manufacturers need to get their products certified as per IEC60730 safety standard. Now, you have IEC60730 Class B safety library certified by VDE for PSoC 1 (CY8C22x45 and CY8C28xxx). User can integrate these APIs in their PSoC 1 based home appliance designs and escalate time-to-market. Attached is the test report provided by VDE. Test report contains the list of the APIs that are certified. List includes all the MCU specific APIs and most of the application specific APIs that are needed in home appliance applications.      



      Write to msur@cypress.com if your customer needs these APIs. These APIs and test report will be available on web soon as part of the application note AN81828 – “PSoC® 1 - IEC 60730 Class B Safety Software Library”. We will notify you when this application note is online on web.