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    Battery Measurements on BCM20736S

      I currently have a voltage regulator to supply voltage to 20736S from a coin cell operating at 3V. Going over the blebat.c,

      blebat_batmon_cfg =


          /*.adcInputConnectedToBattery      =*/ ADC_INPUT_VDDIO, // P15. ADC input to be used for measurement. Note that this may not be a GPIO.

          /*.measurementInterval             =*/ 60000,           // msec. Interval between battery measurements

          /*.numberOfMeasurementsToAverage   =*/ 8,               // Number of measurements averaged for a report, max 16

          /*.fullVoltage                     =*/ 3200,            // millivolts. The nominal full battery voltage

          /*.emptyVoltage                    =*/ 1800,            // millivolts. The voltage at which the batteries are considered drained

          /*.shutdownVoltage                 =*/ 1700,            // millivolts. System should shutdown if it detects battery

                                                                  // voltage at or below this value.  0 disables shutdown.

          /*.maxLevel                        =*/ 100,             // Sets the range of the reported number of steps

                                                                  // Set it to 100 to report battery in %, 0-100.

          /*.reportID                        =*/ 3,               // ID of the battery report

          /*.reportLength                    =*/ 8,               // Length of the battery report

          /*.reportOnConnect                 =*/ TRUE,            // if TRUE report should be sent when connection is established



      Shows that the full battery is measured at 3.2V. Can I then power the chip with the regulated voltage and have direct input from the battery at P15(3V input) and the internal ADV will monitor the battery level?