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    Device editor updates in PD5.3 and feedback

      This post is to get the feedback on PD5.3 features and new ideas that will make PSoC 1 project design experience very interesting. This post is particulary for device editor viewer in PSoC Designer.


      There are two main features introduced in device editor GUI-


      1. Auto routing


      2. Zoom and scroll options


      I understand there is room for improvement here. I would appreciate any idea to make the device editor better.




      -Rajiv Badiger

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          As I already stated, the shape of the cursor is not updated as in the previous Designer versions. When for instance I'd like to zoom in or out the cursor shape used to change when I pressed the shift-key or (ctrl-shift) to indicate my choice. Same was true for pressing alt-key to scroll. Since these key-combinations are rather uncommon for windows-users any indication of the current mode is VERY helpful.




          New was that sometimes I was not able to scroll to see the complete area the chip-view occupied.





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            Point taken. We will put this in the requirements list.


            I was thinking of another feature called "register viewer". This will show list of registers associated with a digital or analog block and its values depending on the block settings. This will very useful in quickly tracking the register and modifying it (if necessary) in firmware. 


            -Rajiv Badiger  

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              Well, as a matter of fact I'm a software guide and my view at a module is not (never) through a set of registers but through its APIs. I take a module as a black box with guaranteed features and properties which I may change through the use of APIs. But this is my point of view, I've seen others here that would gratefully use features like those you talked about.


              So the question is: Which kind of view reveals most of the mishaps and bugs and gives me the deepest insight into my PSoC1 project, the hardware view or the software view. Probably it should be a healthy combination of both of them.