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    capsensor problems.

      I have some questions list below, please help me to slove it, thanks.

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          sorry, questions list as belows.


          1. How can I modify the scan speed, for example, if i want to scan with 300Hz frequency.


          2. How to setup TX in one control chip, and RX in another control chip? How can I get raw datas? Hardware setup?


          software example?

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            Tx and Rx are referring to a communication interface that is best implemented with an UART although it is quite common to have chips on the same board use a different interface as I2C or SPI because of their higher transfer-rates and the built-in property of talking to several chips and a clear master-slave structure.


            UARTs in PSoC5 allow you to handle complete messages to send or to receive, but you'll have to spend some thoughts on who may talk and who must listen. When just connecting a sender to a receiver (this has to poll for messages) you just select the same baud-rate for both of them and connext the Tx of the former to the Rx of the latter, that's it. You even may for test-purposes define two UARTs in your design and connect them accordingly, evaluating your software on a development kit before the pcbs are made.






            Merry christmas and happy coding



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              Some useful ref (link and attached) material -








              Regards, Dana.