Power supply on ISSP pins of CY3207


     Question: Does the VDD pin of the 5 pin ISSP connector from the CY3207ISSP programmer supply power? If not, how do I program a PSoC device without an XRES pin?

Response: The CY3207 ISSP programmer does not supply power on the VDD pin of the ISSP connector.  For devices which do not have XRES pin, use the “Vcc Rising Edge” mode of programming.  Initiate the programming in the CY3207 and then apply power to the target when the programmer prompts to apply power to the target.  The 3207 will sense the presence of VDD and will start programming the device.

For devices with XRES pin, select the “Vcc Stable On” mode of programming.  Apply power to the target device and then initiate programming.