GPIO pins available in CY3267 board.

Version 1
    Question: On the CY3267 development kit, is there any GPIO pin brought out that is capable of Analog I/O?



    On the CY3267, there are 2 IOs (from PowerPSoC) brought out to header P4. These are P1 [4] and P2 [2]. Both connect to the Analog Mux Bus 1 and can be routed through this bus to the analog peripherals. If the Analog Mux Bus 1 and 0 are left unconnected, these pins can be routed to the blocks in Analog Column 1 alone. Connecting the 2 analog mux buses enables routing the pins to either column. These 2 pins are not capable of analog output.

    The four FN pins brought out to header P4 are not capable of analog IO.