Interoperability of the wirelessUSB

Version 1
    Question: Is the CYRF6936 interoperable with the first generation wireless devices from Cypress like the WirelessUSB LR and WirelessUSB LS?



    The CYRF6936 IC is fully interoperable with the main modes of the first generation devices, namely the CYWUSB6934-LS and CYWUSB6935-LR devices. The 62.5 kbps mode is supported by selecting 32 chip DDR mode. Similarly, the 15.675 kbps mode is supported by selecting 64 chip SDR mode. In this way, a suitably configured CYRF6936 IC device may transmit data to or receive data from a first generation device, or both. Backward compatibility requires disabling the SOP, length, and CRC16 fields. For more details on the registers that need to be modified for this backward compatibility, please refer section 1.4.1 in the WirelessUSB LP and PRoC LP Technical Reference Manual