Endurance of Non-volatile Latches (NVL) in PSoC 3/5

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    Question: Why shouldn’t the data in NV Latches in PSoC 3/5 be changed frequently?






    NV latches (NVL’s) in PSoC 3/5 are used to store important configuration data that will be used to configure the device even before the reset is released. NVL configuration data are not expected to be changed frequently by the user  Hence, Compared to the Flash, EEPROM memory in PSoC 3/5, NVL’s have a much lesser endurance. For example, when programming operation is done at 25 ⁰C, the NVL’s have an endurance value of 100 program/erase cycles.




    It is recommended to change the NVL data as infrequently as possible. During device programming, PSoC Programmer ensures that the NVL’s are programmed only when there is a difference between the NVL data in the hex file to be programmed and the NVL data already present in the device.