CY3271 First Touch Kit RF- RF_I2C_Bridge Hex file Issue

Version 1

    When I program RF_I2C_Bridge.hex onto the RF Expansion Bridge, binding with the Hub does not occur, and a solid Red LED glows on the RF Expansion Bridge board. What should I do now?


    An incorrect version of the RF_I2C_Bridge firmware and the hex file exist in the CD and when uploaded to the First Touch RF kit causes this behavior. A zip file containing the correct example firmware and hex files for all the First Touch Kit RF projects can be found at the following link:

    Identifying the faulty program:
    1. Install the software provided on the CD. Follow the instruction in the installation section before proceeding to the following steps.
    2. Connect the RF PC Bridge into any free USB port of your PC/Laptop.
    3. Program the RF Expansion board with the RF_I2C_BRIDGE.hex file located in the C:\Cypress\CY3271\Firmware\RF_I2C_BRIDGE\RF_I2C_BRIDGE\output directory. Before programming be sure to connect the RF Expansion card into the PC Bridge interface connector.
    4. Program the MultiFunction board with the any of the example projects for FTMF board (MF_LIGHT, MF_TEMP, MF_CS_PROX or MF_CS_SLIDE)
    5. Open the SCD Dashboard software GUI that is installed with the installation pack.
    6. Connect the RF Expansion Board into the 2x AAA alkaline cell battery pack and the MultiFunction board as shown in Figure 1

      Figure 1 RF Expansion Board into the 2x AAA Alkaline Cell Battery and MultiFunction Board

    7. Switch on power to the RF Expansion Board by placing the position of the switch to ON position.
    8. Place the PC Bridge in Bind mode using the SCD Dashboard. This is described in the following method:
      • Click the Manage Network button to add a new node.

        Figure 2 Manage Network button in the SCD Dashboard

      • In the Manage Network screen, click Add.. to add a new node.
      • On the Node Binding screen, click the Begin Binding. When the red LED on the bridge lights up, the bridge is in bind mode (there is no need to click the button).

        Figure 3 Node Binding Screen

    9. Place the RF Expansion Board in Bind mode, by clicking Bind on the board when instructed by the GUI.

      Figure 4 RF Expansion Mode (Bind Button)

    10. On clicking the Bind Button, the LED D1 continues to glow and Sense and Control DashBoard (SCD) GUI shows ‘FAILURE’

      Figure 5 LED D1 on pressing Bind button

      Figure 6 SCD GUI on Binding Failure


    Download the file from the following link:

    Unzip the file and re-program the RF Expansion Board with the RF_I2C_BRIDGE.hex in from the unzipped folder. Follow steps 4 -9 mentioned above. Observe that after step 9, the SCD GUI shows ‘SUCCESS’

    Figure 7 SCD GUI on Successful Binding


    This Knowledge Base article explains the difference in behavior of the faulty program (on the CD) and a working program (on web). The firmware in the CD will be updated for the next manufacturing build of the Kit.