Difference between PSoC 3/5 SC Blocks and PSoC1 SC Blocks

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    Question: What is the difference between PSoC 3/5 SC blocks vs PSoC1 SC blocks?



    The PSoC 3/5 SC/CT block is an Op-Amp with Switch capacitors and continuous time resistors connecting to it. Hence the SC/CT block in PSoC 3/5 incorporates the combined functionality of the CT and SC Analog blocks in PSoC 1. The PSoC 3/5 SC/CT block can be configured for the following modes of operation.

    •   Op-Amp                          (CT functionality)
    •   Trans Impedance Amplifier  (CT functionality)
    •   Continuous Time Mixer       (SC functionality)
    •   Sampling Mixer                 (SC functionality)
    •   Unity Gain Buffer              (CT functionality)
    •   First Order Modulator        (SC functionality)
    •   Programmable Gain           (CT functionality)



    The SC/CT functionality of PSoC 3/5 is optimized to function at the above mentioned modes. This gives a better performance for the PSoC 3/5 SC/CT Op-Amps in terms of Gain bandwidth and Slew rate.

    The PSoC 1 SC blocks are designed as generic SC blocks and there is no specific mode selection available for the user. The user has to configure the more generic SC block structure to construct the functionality required. This makes the PSoC 1 SC blocks capable of implementing more generic functions like SC filters, Integrators etc.