MoBL SRAM Definition

Question: What are MoBL SRAMs?



 MoBL stands for More Battery Life. These SRAM's use up to 90% less power than the standard  low-power SRAM's making them the industry's lowest power consumption SRAM's. For example, MoBL SRAMs consume 3 mA at 1.8V in active mode (Icc), and 1 ?A standby power (Isb2). Typically, MoBL SRAM's come with different operating voltage ranges for the same density. They cover voltage ranges of 2.7-3.6, 1.65-1.95, etc. MoBL SRAM's have access times of 70 ns at 2.7 V and 100 ns at 1.8 V over the industrial temperature range. These also offer low data retention voltage (Vdr = 1.0V) for saving power and also to simplify battery interface.