Changing clock phase of an ADC dynamically

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    Question: How do I change the ClockPhase parameter of an ADC dynamically?



    The ClockPhase of an ADC can be changed by modifying the ASign bit in the ASCxxCR0 or the ASDxxCR0 bits of the SC Block in which the ADC is placed.  For example, if the ADC is placed in ASC10, then the clock phase may be modifed by:

    ASC10CR0 &= ~0x20;  // Set ClockPhase to Norm
    ASC10CR0 |= 0x20; // Set ClockPhase to Swap

    This method can be used for any of the ADCs that have the ClockPhase parameter, like ADCINC12, ADCINC, DELSIG8, DELSIG11, ADCINCVR, ADCINC14, DUALADC, TRIADC etc