Design Considerations for Using PSoC in a Noisy Environment

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    Question: What should be the design considerations for using PSoC1 in Noisy environment ?



    Consider the following design tips when using PSoC in a noisy environment such as near large DC motors:

    -Stable supply voltage and ground are very important.
    -You want an output impedance on SCLK (P1[1]) and SDATA (P1[0]). Noise on the SCLK signal can be perceived as a clock and place the part in test mode. We generally recommend you to connect 300 Ohms resistor on the P1[1] and P1[0] lines.
    - Place a 10uF and a 0.1uF (ceramic) decoupling capacitors on the power supply to cover most frequencies of noise.

    If you are using Capsense controllers, you can find more information on Design Considerations here: Getting Started with Capsense