The meaning of XX in oemXX.inf and oemXX.pnf found in driver document CyUSB.chm and CyUSB.pdf file

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    Question: The CyUSB.pdf and CyUSB.chm file in the directory Cypress Suite USB 3.4.4\Driver says “While reinstalling the driver with another .inf file which contains the same VID- PID combination, it's safe to remove all oemXX.inf and oemXX.pnf files from the directory "C:\WINDOWS\inf\" which has same VID-PID combination”. What is the meaning of XX in the above statement?



    XX in refers to numbers (e.g. oem12.inf oem12.pnf ). Whenever a driver is bound to a USB device in Windows, .inf and .pnf files are created with the names oemXX.inf and oemXX.pnf in C:\WINDOWS\inf.