Windows 7/vista 64-bit ?Unable to find signed driver

Version 1
    Question: When binding my device to CyUSB.sys in Windows 7/Vista 64-bit environment I get the following error ?Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device?. What does this error mean? How can it be resolved?




    CyUSB.sys downloaded through our website is an unsigned driver. Using it in 64-bit operating system without disabling driver signature enforcement is a possible reason for this problem.

    Following are the steps to disable driver signature enforcement in 64-bit operating system

    1.       During boot-up press F8.

    2.       In the list of options that appear select “Disable driver signature enforcement”.

    Find KB article Why is CyUSB.sys not WHQL signed?for details on why a signed driver is not provided.

    Find Application note Windows Hardware Quality Lab signing procedure for details on driver signing procedure.