Contents of AN2131(EZ-USB) DVK for Download

Version 1
    Question: Where can we find the contents of AN2131(EZ-USB) DVK?



    The contents of the obsoleted AN2131 DVK are included in the CY3681 FX2 Development Kit. They will be present in the default path C:\Cypress\USB after downloading and installing from this link in its default directory.

    Examples - C:\Cypress\USB\Examples\EzUsb
    Doc - C:\Cypress\USB\doc\EZ-USB Series 2100
    Drivers - C:\Cypress\USB\Drivers
    Hardware - C:\Cypress\USB\Hardware\EZ-USB Series 2100
    Ez USB  Control Panel- C:\Cypress\USB\bin

    Please not that EZUSB.sys is no longer supported. We recommend the usage of our generic USB driver CyUSB.sys as well as our set of software development tools SuiteUSB available for download here.