Setting the parameters for the PLT user module

Version 1
    Question: How do I set the parameters in the PLT user module?



    There are three ways to set the parameters of the PLT user module:





    1)   Properties Window: In the chip view, the parameters can be modified individually in the properties window. This is the traditional way of statically setting the parameter values prior to run-time. However, when there are many parameters (e.g. when “FSK Modem + Network” user module option is selected), this is the slowest method of setting the parameters.





    2)   PLC Config Wizard: Right-click on the PLT_1 user module instance and select “PLC Config Wizard”. This will open the wizard, which allows the user to quickly set all of     the parameters prior to run-time. However, this method cannot be used for changing the parameters at run-time.





    3)   PLT_Memory_Array variable: In the application code, the parameters can be set by writing to the PLT_Memory_Array variable. The constants for the address offset and bit names are listed in plt.h.  The bit mapping and description of each of the parameters in the PLT_Memory_Array can be found in the data sheet. This method has the advantage of being able to modify the parameters at run-time. Note: For the “FSK Modem Only” user module option, only register offsets 0x30 through 0x34 and 0x6A through 0x72 are available.