Device to support 5V Vcc 32bit/33MHz PCI for expansion card

Question: Is there a device to support 5V Vcc 32bit/33MHz PCI for expansion card?



We do offer several products that may fit these design needs, depending on the specific requirements.

Firstly, you may implement a PCI controller in a Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD). Assuming that you will be operating in a 5V PCI signaling environment your choice is limited to the Ultra37000 family CPLDs. Due to the logic requirements of the controller, only a PCI target may be fit. We can offer you a target-only PCI reference design if this meets your needs. You can find more information in the application note: PCI Target Designs Using Ultra37000 CPLDs.

Secondly, if you are able to switch to a 3.3V Vcc, you can use the PCI-DP (CY7C09449PV-AC) - which is a 128K bit Dual-Port SRAM with PCI Bus Controller. Due to the 5V tolerance along with 5V PCI timing and electrical compatibility, this part may be used in a 5V signaling environment. It interfaces a 32bit/33MHz PCI bus with a local bus (clock rates up to 50MHz), buffered by dual port memory, and offers significant configurability.