To find PCN (Product Change Notification) document on Cypress web

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    Question: How do I find PCN documents on the Cypress web?



    There are different ways to find PCNs on Cypress website.

    Option 1: Part number Search.

    1.   Most of the PCNs are linked to the marketing part numbers on Cypress website. To search for PCNs related to a particular part number, type the part number under the part number search tab on Cypress website(  and press enter or click on the magnifying glass.
    2.   Click on the part number on the next page.
        This will open a product information page which has the PCNs related to this particular device.
    3.   Click on the PCN link to download the document.
        Note: You need to login with your user ID in order to download the document. If you do not have access, you can request for access which will be processed within 48 hours.

    Option 2: From the PCN page

    1.   Go to
    2.   Click on the support tab and select “Quality & Reliability”.
    3.   On the next page, Click on the “click here” link under the Product Change notices section located on the right hand side.
    4.   On the next page enter the PCN number or the part number for which you are looking for PCN and click on “ Go” or press enter
    5.   Now click on the link to download the PCN document

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