Need for discarding any samples from output of PSoC 3/5 Del-Sig ADC

Version 1
    Question: Do I need to discard any number of samples from the output of PSoC 3/5 Del-Sig ADC similar to PSoC 1 ADCs?



    Following are the 4 different modes of conversion in PSoC 3/5 Del-Sig ADC:

    1. Single Sample

    2. Continuous

    3. Multi-Sample

    4. Multi-Sample Turbo

    In all these 4 modes, ADC itself will wait for the first 3 cycles in order to cross the 3 stages of CIC Filter (Decimator). On the 4th cycle only, ADC will give its first output. So there is no need to discard any samples of ADC as we do in PSoC 1.