Adding Component Primitives/Verilog Components to a Project - KBA81772

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    Question: How do I add Cypress-defined Verilog components like the base quadrature decoder or base SPI to my project?



    To add Verilog component primitives to your schematic, open the project and follow these steps:

    1.   From PSoC Creator, select Tools > Options.
    2.   Expand Design Entry, and then click Component Catalog.
    3.   Tick the Show Hidden Components check box. Click OK to close the Options dialog box. A folder named Primitive appears in the Cypress Component catalog.
    4.   In the Component Catalog, click the Cypress tab. Expand the Primitive folder. In this folder, you can find the base Verilog components for I2C, SPI, PWM amongst others.
    5.   Drag and drop one or more components from the Primitive folder to the schematic like any other component.