Linux Support for FX2LP™ and other USB Peripherals, such as AN2131/FX/FX1/FX2 - KBA85499

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    Question: Are there any Linux development tools available for Cypress’s USB peripheral chips?



    Yes, Cypress provides a development package in Linux with FX3™. You can use the same package for FX2LP. You can use the FX3 drivers CyUSB3.sys instead of CyUSB.sys for your development.

    To download the package, go to Download the file: “FX3 SDK for Linux platforms - This is a Tar archive containing the FX3 firmware libraries and examples, the ARM GNU tool chain, Eclipse IDEs (x64 and x86 versions) and the CyUSB suite for Linux platforms.” Ignore the FX3 firmware files.

    Refer to the documents cyusb_linux_user_guide.pdf and cyusb_linux_programmers_guide.pdf, which will get installed in the docs folder along with the software development kit at the location cyusb_linux_1.0.2/ docs.