USB-Serial: Cypress Default VID and PID – KBA89355

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    Question: Can I use a PID of my choice with the Cypress VID?



     No. If you are using the Cypress VID (0x04B4), you may not use any random PIDs. The Cypress USB-Serial Configuration Utility will allow you to use only the default PID based on the part number and the SCB configurations, as listed below:

        #    Part Number    SCB 0    SCB 1    PID
        Mode    Protocol    Mode    Protocol
        1    CY7C65211-24LTXI    UART    CDC    NA    NA    0x0002
        UART/SPI/I2C    Vendor/PHDC    NA    NA    0x0004
        2    CY7C65213-32LTXI    UART    CDC    NA    NA    0x0003
        UART    Vendor/PHDC    NA    NA    0x0006
        3    CY7C65215-32LTXI    UART    CDC    UART    CDC    0x0005
        UART    CDC    UART/SPI/
        Vendor/PHDC    0x0007
        UART/SPI/I2C    Vendor/PHDC    UART    CDC    0x0009
        UART/SPI/I2C    Vendor/PHDC    UART/SPI/
        Vendor/PHDC    0x000A

    If you are not using the Cypress VID, then the USB-Serial Configuration Utility will allow you to use any PID.