UART-to-BLE Bridge Using the EZ-BLE™ PRoC™ Module – KBA97015

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Is it possible to implement a UART-to-BLE bridge using the EZ-BLE™ PRoC™ Module (CYBLE-022001-00)? Does Cypress provide example projects to demonstrate this application?



Yes, it is possible to implement a UART-to-BLE bridge using the EZ-BLE PRoC Module (CYBLE-022001-00). Cypress provides two simple example projects to demonstrate this application.

UART-to-BLE Bridge Example Projects

  1. UART-to-BLE Peripheral Example Project  


    The Serial Communication Block (SCB) in the PRoC BLE module is configured as a UART terminal. The BLE component is configured for general access profile (GAP) peripheral and generic attribute profile (GATT) server roles. A custom BLE service – Server_UART – is implemented in the project, which makes use of two custom characteristics:

    • Server_UART_Rx_data: To receive data from any central device via write without response commands.
    • Server_UART_Tx_data: To transmit data to any central device via notifications.

    The peripheral project can be tested with:

    • The CySmart PC tool, connected to the CySmart USB dongle (CY5670), emulating a BLE central device or
    • The UART-to-BLE central example project, described below, programmed on a BLE Pioneer Kit and acting as the BLE central device.
  2. UART-to-BLE Central Example Project  


    The SCB in the PRoC BLE module is configured as a UART terminal. The BLE component is configured for the GAP central and GATT client roles. The central device discovers the custom service and characteristics on the peripheral side (as explained in the UART-to-BLE Peripheral Example Project section), and uses the corresponding handles to transmit and receive data.

The example projects mentioned here can be programmed and debugged using the EZ-BLE PRoC Evaluation Board (CYBLE-022001-EVAL) and the BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042-BLE). The USB-UART BLE Pioneer Kit or any other external transceiver can be used for UART communication.

Location of Example Projects

The example projects, along with the user guide, are located at:

Supported Kits and Software

ProjectPSoC Creator
CompilerDevelopment Kits
    SP1 or
    with CYBLE-
    with PRoC BLE
    Module (CY5671
    or CY5674)
CY8CKIT-042 with
    PSoC 4 BLE Module
    (CY8CKIT-142 or
    peripheral project
    central project

Note: The example projects support up to 115200 kbps baud rate on the Pioneer kit; higher baud rates are supported if an external UART transceiver is used. The throughput of the bridge project is dependent on the environment and quality of the BLE link.